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Exam Checklist


We require a minimum of 4 participants to host the exam on a selected date. If we do not have the minimum required, we will contact you to provide an alternative date.

Before Your Exam
  •  Integrity Proctoring Services will contact your training provider to ensure you are eligible for the exam

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early before your exam

  • Doors to the building are locked. The examiner will let you in during the 10 minutes before the exam

  • Please bring a government picture ID

  • Please bring 2 pens 

During Your Exam

  • No notebooks or use of phone

  • No washroom breaks

  • No discussion with any other participants during the exam time frame

  • Ask all your questions at the beginning of the exam as not to distract other participants

After Your Exam

  • The examiner is not able to provide you with the marks directly. You will receive your scores from your training provider

  • Your certification of completion will be provided to you directly from the Solicitor General

  • Any steps towards getting your security license should be directed towards your training provider

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