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Hello, I’m Angie Ballok and I have been the founder and owner of Integrity Proctoring Services since 2017.  I founded Integrity Proctoring Services because I believe the best way to help build a strong security and investigation industry, is to make sure the dedicated people entering this industry have a supportive environment that gives them the best possible experience for a successful outcome. 

At Integrity Proctoring Services, we know that learning is not one size fits all. Finding the study method that suits you is the best way to ensure improvement in your scores and overall academic achievement. When learning becomes fun, motivation grows, and good results are sure to follow.


Image by Ben Mullins


At Integrity we believe in setting high uncompromising standards for the exam process, and in giving students the best possible experience with booking and writing their Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) or Alberta Investigator Training (AIT) exams

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